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The Transformation 

In one of my clients’ organization the challenges were in the middle management. They developed several habits to execute their plans. Earlier they had the inhibition in sharing information and not listening to other team members. That resulted into conflicts many times.  

We started spending structured time with them, understanding them before the actual coaching. 

We spent twice a week for next 4-5 months coaching 6 hours a day to ensure that their mind set and habit changes were guided and are reinforced.  

Initially the teams’ relationship on some of the team effectiveness was: 

· Information Sharing – 52%

· Listening – 45%

· Communication – 44%

· Managing Conflict – 45%

· Trust – 41% 

After the coaching and inculcating of leadership habits overall improvements were: 

· Support – 81%

· Trust – 76%

· Information sharing – 67%

· Communication – 61%

· Managing conflict – 56%

· Listening – 66%


Attrition Rate in the Senior Management Team (SMT)


For the manufacturing unit senior management team had high rate of attrition. They used to have one or two new team members in almost every milestone meetings. Most companies don’t face reality very well. People leave with no commitments to the action plans they have helped create. 

We worked on the model of an execution culture. The heart of execution lies in three core processes: strategy, people and operational process. Leaders were made responsible for next line of leaders to be their mentor. They were told to take charge of them and present a plan of mentoring, monitoring and hand holding them for at least 2 year time frame.

Leadership without the discipline of execution is incomplete and ineffective. The discipline of execution does not work unless people are schooled in it and practice it constantly. It does not work if only a few people in the system practice it. It has to be in the culture driving the behavior of all leaders at all levels.

How people talk to each other absolutely determines how well the organization will function. 

This hand holding and making accountable for next line of leaders worked wonder. Senior management team experienced a sense of pride and fulfillment and the next line got the opportunity to grow in the same organization. This provided them a sense of stability and rate of attrition reduced by more than 70% among senior management and middle management team.

Festive fashion House

One of our clients is a fashion house, manufacturing clothing and fashion accessories. Their distinctive and wide range of product has become one of its most widely recognized trademarks. The company has stores spread all over north India. The client had successful traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing as well. But with our ever changing environment and the retail industry entering into a new era, it is necessary to shift attention from the features and benefits approach to entirely customer experience.

When our client approached us they wanted us to make the shopping a customer experience for them. They know that the customers have plethora of choices when it comes to where they spend their money. Experiential marketing is everywhere, and to make sure their business is successful they need to offer consumers a desirable experience to drive sales. So they approached us with the idea of giving customers an experiential shopping. The client wanted us to make a smooth process flow of operations and with functional strategy. The client wanted to understand customer buying behavior so that they can polish their front office staff. 

After visiting the store and interacting with some of the customer facing staff we come to know that the challenge is not only to enhance and hone their soft skills and selling skills but the recruitment and selection process and implementation of performance appraisal system. Being a retail store weekends used to be their busiest day. We started our work with clear conceptual framework in our mind. After encountering host of other problems varying in nature, importance and intensity we reviewed the situation, accessed key points and come to the conclusion that they need to restructure, emphasis and reinforce the whole recruitment cycle. Performance appraisal system needs to be followed religiously. Employee engagement was another area to be improved and to work on. 

Sometimes clients approach a consulting firm for the reason they know but when analyzed properly the diagnosis shows some other challenges. As a consultant it is our duty to make them aware about the real situation.



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